The Hello Neighbor Network, powered by Hello Neighbor, is a coalition of grassroots organizations working in post-refugee and immigrant resettlement in the U.S. that comes together to grow and inspire change.

The Network’s mission is to provide grassroots nonprofits working with 50% or more refugees and immigrants with a supportive peer network, education, skills and resources to better fulfill their own missions and to elevate grassroots voices in the ongoing conversation around refugees in the U.S.

Why This Network?

The Hello Neighbor Network’s national leadership fellowship program focuses on the specific challenges faced by nonprofit leaders working with refugees: language and literacy barriers; cultural differences; lack of targeted private funding; and little precedent in terms of program evaluation. Being able to tackle these important issues requires answers to many challenging questions. What would it look like to have a nonprofit that is thriving? How can I best support my community? How much will it cost? Am I moving in the right direction?

Because refugees enter our nonprofits with comprehensive needs, the potential for program development is tremendous and can be overwhelming. The fellowship’s curriculum targets topics essential to early stage nonprofits in this space, including governance, technology, fundraising, partnerships and program evaluation.

The Hello Neighbor Network is geared toward small-to-medium nonprofits whose leaders are poised for high-growth potential. Our goal is that this Network will have a significant impact on participants who will positively impact the communities they serve. The national leadership cohort, which first launched in October 2019, is developed and programmed by Hello Neighbor in partnership with the Walmart Foundation, USA for UNHCR, The Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh, The Benter Foundation, The Good People Fund, and The Harnisch Foundation.


If you’d like to apply to be a fellow or have additional questions, you can learn more and apply here. Other questions can be emailed to membership@helloneighbor.io or by calling us at 412-567-3946 x 710.

The Network is generously funded by

of volunteers believe their organization reduces polarization in their communities.
of refugees agreed their organization makes people in their community feel more welcome.
"I have more self-confidence and feel like I belong."
- Burmese Refugee
"When we get together it is the best of times because we are like one family."
- Iraqi Refugee
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