Building Resilience in Communities

Every community is dealing with challenges they couldn’t have predicted. Support at the right moment can help individuals, families, and communities rebound and thrive. Resilience Grants go to the greatest areas of need and opportunity for refugees and immigrants nationwide. Resilience is a muscle we flex now perhaps more than ever.

Network Impacts

In 2021, over 15,000 refugees and immigrants across the U.S. had needs addressed by Resilience Grants.

As a Network Resilience Grant partner you will: 

  • Form relationships with 100+ nonprofits 
  • Demonstrate your commitment to refugee inclusion 
  • Build brand awareness
  • Directly impact communities welcoming newcomers

Our Resilience Grant Partners Have Included

Tapestry Farms team posing and smiling near pickup truck

Tapestry Farms: Capacity-Building Resilience Grant (May 2021)

“We delivered food to refugees who owned shares in our nonprofit farm. This truck fundamentally changed how our organization operates.”

- Tapestry Farms (Davenport, IA)

Elmahaba Center: Capacity-Building Resilience Grant (May 2021)

“This grant supported the most vulnerable in our community with the resources they needed during a hard time. We built out two programs with this grant and were able to serve hundreds of people of color who needed supplies.”

- Elmahaba Center (Nashville, TN)

Children enjoying toys and items at Elmahaba Center event
Miry's List team/ volunteers near loading dock filled with pallets of food

Miry's List: COVID Emergency-Relief Resilience Grant (September 2020)

“Our fresh food deliveries with FoodForward and Hello Neighbor is what these families needed when the pandemic hit.”

- Miry’s List (Los Angeles, CA)

How It Works

Member Organizations
  • Apply for and get accepted into our Fellowship Program
  • Complete a streamlined application form for each Resilience Grant (typically 15 minutes or less to complete)
  • Applicants receive funding throughout the year in areas of high need. Please note that while we wish we could accept all of the highly deserving applications we receive, this is a competitive process as funds are limited.
  • Identify a mutually valued area of need
  • Invest $25,000-$200,000+
  • Receive a comprehensive impact report on the Resilience Grant you made possible
  • Receive recognition in our newsletter, social media, and beyond

Funding Pipeline

COVID Emergency Relief Resilience Grants in partnership with USA for UNHCR: $24,000
  • Soft Landing Missoula (Missoula, MT) bought chromebooks for kids, and provided bike supplies and tune-ups as a safe and affordable method of transportation
  • Refugee Assistance Alliance (Miami, FL) implemented a virtual ESL curriculum with trained tutors for virtual learning
  • Miry’s List (Los Angeles, CA) rented trucks to get much-needed food and childcare supplies to families across the state
  • Homes Not Borders (Washington, D.C.) paid local women to make masks for the community and purchase chromebooks for virtual learning and resource access
  • Hearts and Homes for Refugees (Westchester County, NY) provided materials for virtual schooling, held a winter drive, and distributed funds directly to refugees through an emergency assistance fund
  • Heartfelt Tidbits (Southwest Ohio) provided emergency rent costs to refugee families
  • Dwell Mobile (Mobile, Alabama) coordinated a large-scale food distribution, paid same-language community advocates to assist families with online school portals, and replaced broken technology for schooling
Technology Resilience Grants in partnership with Harnisch Foundation: $2,800
  • Hearts & Homes for Refugees
  • Dwell Mobile
  • Soft Landing Missoula
  • Refugee Assistance Alliance
  • Homes Not Borders
  • Miry's List
  • Refugee Education & Adventure Challenge (REACH)
  • Ladies Let's Talk
  • Riverview International Center
  • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Elena's Light
  • Tapestry Farms
  • Elmahaba Center
Staff/Volunteer Appreciation Resilience Grants in partnership with Walmart: $14,825
  • African Development Center
  • Eat N Talk Africa
  • ECHO Collective
  • Global Emergency Response and Assistance
  • Karen Society of Nebraska
  • New Neighbors Partnership (New York, NY) hosted a first-time in-person staff picnic, using the event to build stronger connections among co-workers and share gifts of appreciation.
  • One World One Love
  • Open Field
  • Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees
  • Refugee Hope Partners
  • Ruth's Refuge
  • The Welcome to America Project (Tempe, AZ) paid for a staff appreciation lunch at the Refuge Café (a social enterprise benefiting, among others, refugee community members).
  • Treetops Collective
  • Valley Neighbors
  • Weavetales (Jacksonville, FL) funded a strategic planning retreat for their board. Additionally, they hired a professional consultant to lead a training on trauma-informed care for staff, board members, and interns.
Surprise Appreciation Resilience Grants in partnership with Good People Fund: $5,000
  • Ladies Let's Talk (Austin, TX) supported the efforts of one of their partners, Manos de Cristo, by providing ESL scholarships to immigrant women students.
  • Miry's List (Los Angeles, CA) shipped school readiness supplies, including new school clothes, backpacks, socks, and facemasks, to 24 nonprofits serving resettling families across the U.S.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor (South Bend, IN) purchased a Lowe's gift card to used on supplies for a participant's new painting business.
  • Refugee Assistance Alliance (Miami, FL) bought a laptop for one of their newest families, allowing them to attend ESL class online.
  • REACH (Chicago, IL) taught paddling and team-building skills to some of their refugee youth participants.
  • Soft Landing Missoula (Missoula, MT) purchased a laptop for their newest employee.
  • Tapestry Farms (Davenport, IA) supported a participant in their move to a new home, paying for a Uhaul, air conditioning unit, and other expenses.
  • Welcome Home Jersey City (Jersey City, NJ) paid for part of a kayaking excursion for their refugee families.
Times of Transition Resilience Grants in partnership with USA for UNHCR: $40,000
  • REACH (Chicago, IL) introduced 32 refugee adolescents to college experiences, orientation sessions, mentorship, and campus tours.
  • Cornerstone Marriage and Family Intervention (Princeton, NJ) held trainings for refugee leaders on emotional wellness.
  • HOLA Lakeway (Morristown, TN) trained local educators to support refugee youth in transitions to adulthood, and provided college-going advice (including orientation and FAFSA application guidance) to youth and families.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor (South Bend, IN) funded tuition and books for a first-generation college student, and also purchased household necessities for a first-time US homeowner.
  • Refugee Assistance Alliance (Miami, FL) helped refugee women earn first-time driver’s licenses and supported transitions to gainful employment.
  • Tapestry Farms (Davenport, IA) grew the number of refugees served by 33 percent, spreading grant funds across multiple areas of support.
  • Elmahaba Center (Nashville, TN) supported women in transitions of motherhood, building on their Community Saturdays program.
Urgent Interpretation Needs Resilience Grants in partnership with Harnisch Foundation: $2,500
  • Soft Landing Missoula (Missoula, MT) translated their Youth Program permission slips into Arabic, Dari, Pashto, and Swahili.
  • Welcome Neighbor STL (St. Louis, MO) provided interpreters for driver's permit tests.
  • New Neighbors Partnership (New York, NY) translated materials for their New Moms Group, as well as a program welcome brochure.
  • Elmahaba Center (Nashville, TN) hosted voter registration drives, vaccine clinics, and reading-focused events at which they offered Spanish and/or Arabic interpretation.
  • The Karen Society of Nebraska (Lincoln, NE) created translated civics flash cards for individuals preparing for the citizenship test.
Capacity Building Resilience Grants in partnership with Walmart Foundation: $55,000
  • Elena’s Light (New Haven, CT)
  • Elmahaba Center (Nashville, TN) purchased tables and a tent for their Community Saturdays program, and calculators and chromebooks for their Youth Programming.
  • Heartfelt Tidbits (Cinncinatti, OH) hired a new staff member to identify refugee needs and provide case management.
  • Hearts and Homes for Refugees (Westchester, NY) held an in-person inaugural convening focused on the future and vision of the organization. A meal was catered from an Afghan refugee.
  • HOLA Lakeway (Morristown, TN) supplemented the salary of their Community Outreach Facilitator and paid for printed materials. Both of these investments supported the organization's On the Move project, within which staff and volunteers travel to different neighborhoods and provide resources to immigrant residents.
  • Home for Refugees USA (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Homes Not Borders (Washington, DC) paid the first month's rent and utilities at their new office/storage location, tripling their physical space.
  • International Neighbors (Charlottesville, VA)
  • Ladies Let's Talk (Austin, TX) hired professional consultants to facilitate a virtual retreat for their Board. During the retreat, Board members provided feedback, created a new long-term vision, and prioritized areas of focus within their strategic plan.
  • Miry's List (Los Angeles, CA) employed a part-time Program Enrollment Coordinator to assist families in enrolling in a Virtual Home Learning Program, 'SANAH.'
  • Neighbor to Neighbor (South Bend, IN) hired two paid interns, one to manage clients' ongoing legal needs and one to manage volutneer relations.
  • Refugee Assistance Alliance (Miami, FL) paid for refugee enrollment in Burlington English, an online English-language learning program.
  • REACH (Chicago, IL) covered the increase -- as caused by the COVID-19 pandemic -- in their program's annual insurance premium.
  • Riverview International Center (Columbus, OH) funded a portion of two staff members' salaries.
  • Soft Landing Missoula (Missoula, MT) contributed to the salary of their new Resource Center Coordinator.
  • Tapestry Farms (Davenport, IA) purchased a truck to travel between farm sites and haul tools and materials.
  • Welcome Home Jersey City (Jersey City, NJ)
Ukrainian Support Resilience Grants in partnership with Posner Foundation: $25,000
  • Treetops Collective
  • Ruth's Refuge
  • ECHO Collective
  • New Neighbors Partnership
  • Valley Neighbors
  • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees
Operating Support Resilience Grants in partnership with USA for UNHCR: $50,000
  • Global Emergency Response & Assistance
  • Eat N’ Talk Africa
  • Soft Landing Missoula
  • Karen Society of Nebraska
  • ECHO Collective
  • Dwell Mobile
  • Elmahaba Center
Tapestry Farms smiling harvesting buckets and boxes of potatoes
Collection of items and toys for children
Tapestry Farms team member standing on weeds packed into a pickup truck bed
Miry's List team member unloading pallets of food outside

Resilience Grants are a benefit of membership with the Hello Neighbor Network and present a streamlined opportunity for grassroots organizations to apply for what they need to rebound, respond, and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

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