Learning Collaborative Established
Jan 2022

In January of 2022, the Network launched a new track of programming through the Hello Neighbor Network Learning Collaborative. The Learning Collaborative was born out of the Mobilizing America for Refugees Fund, an investment of $1.3 million to support 60 community-based organizations in 32 states with Afghan resettlement efforts. The Learning Collaborative provides these grassroots leaders with expert training, valuable resources, and a supportive peer network to assist them in resettling our newest Afghan neighbors.

Read more about the Hello Neighbor Network Learning Collaborative.
$100,000 Resilience Funding Milestone
Sep 2021

In September of 2021, the Network officially passed the $100,000 threshold in resilience funding to our members. This included grants made in partnership with USA for UNHCR, the Harnisch Foundation, the Walmart Foundation, and the Good People's Fund. Resilience Grant funding contributed to a wide variety of grassroots initiatives including vehicle assistance, scaling and growth opportunities, direct services distributions, strategic planning, and more.

Read more about our Resilience Grant Program.
First Virtual Convening
March 2021

On April 13-15, 2021, the Hello Neighbor Network hosted its second annual convening online. This virtual conference gathered 250 attendees from across 27 states, with over 40% of registrants identifying as nonprofit leaders. Over 60 organizations got involved including grassroots organizations, educational institutes, media agencies, and entrepreneurs.

One of our attendees shared that “It was a truly enriching day. Each session was thoughtful and relevant. I have eight typed pages of notes with many takeaways and gems."

Read more about our 2021 Convening.
The Hello Neighbor Network Triples Support of Refugees and Immigrants by Welcoming 16 New Nonprofit Leaders
Jan 2021

In 2021, the Hello Neighbor Network will triple its support of refugees and immigrants in local communities as it welcomes 16 new nonprofit leaders to the national coalition. The 16 Hello Neighbor Network Fellows will participate in a 10-month intensive leadership program in the interest of furthering their organizational missions to support immigrants and refugees. They will join the eight founding members for professional development, a national convening, and ongoing support as they undertake independent projects to grow and enhance the work of their organizations.

Grassroots leaders are more overstretched and isolated than ever in the current political and COVID-19 climate in the U.S. In a challenging atmosphere, the Network enables knowledge exchange, support, and collaborative learning for the next generation of leaders and their organizations to grow and enhance the crucial work they do to fill gaps for refugees and immigrants to truly thrive in their communities.

Read more about the new Network members.
Hello Neighbor Network Receives $300,000 from the Walmart Foundation to Expand National Work
Dec 2020

Hello Neighbor, a nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh, PA, has received a significant grant from the Walmart Foundation. This $300,000 grant will support the expansion of a national network of grassroots nonprofits supporting refugees and immigrants: the Hello Neighbor Network.

Walmart Foundation Senior Director of Opportunity, Gayatri Agnew, says of the grant, “We are excited to fund this critically important work of the Hello Neighbor Network. We believe in their ability to increase inclusivity and create opportunities for grassroots and community-based organizations to come together and learn from one another.”

Read more about the Walmart Foundation grant.
Hello Neighbor Network Hosts Inaugural Convening
Nov 2019

On November 13th-15th, 2019, the Hello Neighbor Network hosted its inaugural convening in Pittsburgh, where leaders from all nine organizations gathered together to generate ideas for mitigating the polarization gap most refugee families face in communities across the nation.

“As the global refugee crisis has increased, the United States has begun to strongly debate immigration policies and the arrival of immigrants and refugees in our country. As a nation, it’s time to empower a new generation of nonprofits focused on supporting refugees,” said Sloane Davidson, founder of the Hello Neighbor Network. “The Hello Neighbor Network creates a critical platform for these nonprofits leaders to learn from one another, share best practices, and tackle challenges together.”

Read more about the inaugural Hello Neighbor Network Convening.
Hello Neighbor Network Publishes National Research Study
Oct 2019

As a part of the network’s first initiative, our inaugural cohort commissioned a survey between volunteers and refugees to better understand the impact of refugee support agencies and nonprofits. Findings from the survey include:

  • 92% (of refugees with children) felt their kids had more access to opportunities after working with an organization
  • 91% of refugees felt more connected to the city they lived in after getting involved with a local refugee organization
  • 93% of volunteers believe their organization reduced polarization in their community
  • 97% of volunteers said, as a result of volunteering, they advocate for refugee issues at local, state and national government levels
  • One in two people volunteering or working for refugee agencies said their discouragement with the current political climate was one of their top three reasons for getting involved
Read more about the study’s findings.
Hello Neighbor Network Launches First National Leadership Cohort
Oct 2019

In October of 2019, the Hello Neighbor Network launched its inaugural Leadership Cohort–a national collaboration of nine like-minded organizations from across the country doing exemplary work in helping refugees in their cities and communities.

The Hello Neighbor Network brings together a cohort of nonprofit leaders who are dedicated to helping refugees as they navigate their new lives in America. Our inaugural cohort includes the following organizations across the country: Dwell Mobile (Mobile), Heartfelt Tidbits (Cincinnati), Hearts and Homes for Refugees (Westchester County, NY), Homes Not Borders (District of Columbia), International Neighbors (Charlottesville), Miry’s List (Los Angeles), Refugee Assistance Alliance (Miami), Soft Landing Missoula (Missoula), and Hello Neighbor (Pittsburgh).

Where small grassroots organizations can oftentimes be siloed, the Hello Neighbor Network creates a supportive peer network that unites organizations doing similar work and creates a space for collaboration and growth. Each cohort will be responsible for generating new ideas and sharing resources that help combat polarization and increase inclusiveness for refugees in communities across the nation.

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