Hello Neighbor Network Fellow Pledge

By becoming a Hello Neighbor Network Fellow, you are joining a group of committed grassroots leadership from across the nation. We believe these organizations are leading the way for responsive, community-centered work with refugees and immigrants in their own communities. Because of their intimate relationship with communities and individuals, they also have a critical voice in the national conversation about refugees and immigrants within communities in the U.S.

Hello Neighbor Network Fellows take a pledge upon joining the Network to uphold principles of anti-oppression and a refugee-centered mindset for their work at the local and national levels. They commit to collaboration, resource and knowledge sharing, and supportive partnership with other Fellows. They pledge to celebrate the success of other members and offer thoughtful suggestions for growth and improvement. And they commit to share their knowledge, lived experience, and stories with a national audience to promote more responsive and equitable support of refugee communities on the individual, governmental, and policy levels.

2024 Hello Neighbor Network Pledge PDF Thumbnail